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The Foundation publishes the Walter and Andrée de Nottbeck Foundation Scientific Reports. Studies on the Baltic Sea are published in this irregularly occurring journal. It is available without any cost from the Tvärminne Zoological Station, J. A. Palménin tie 275, FIN-10900 HANKO, Finland.

The following issues of the Walter and Andrée de Nottbeck Foundation Scientific Reports have been published:

No. 1. Väätänen, P.: Microbiological studies in coastal waters of the Northern Baltic Sea. I. Distribution and abundance of bacteria and yeasts in the Tvärminne area. Preliminary report for 1973-74. 1976. 58 s. ISBN 951-95341-0-5.

No. 2. Suominen, H.: The microflora of the skin of pike Esox lucius L. in relation to its environment in the Northern Baltic Sea. A comparison of 200 microbial populations by numerical colony analysis. 1980. 75 s. ISBN 951-95341-1-3.

No. 3. Väätänen, P.: Microbial ecology of brackish waters off the southern coast of Finland. 1981. 22 s. ISBN 951-95341-2-1.

No. 4. Hällfors, G., Leskinen, E. & Niemi, Å.: Hydrography, chlorophyll a and nutrients at Tvärminne Storfjärd, Gulf of Finland, in 1979/80. 1983. 19 s. ISBN 951-95341-3-X.

No. 5. Kuparinen, J.: Production and respiration of pelagic plankton. 1985. 12 s. ISBN 951-95341-4-8.

No. 6. Kuosa, H.: Microbes in the pelagic carbon cycle: picoplanktonic algae and heterotrophic nanoflagellates in the northern Baltic ecosystem. 1991. 14 s. ISBN 951-95341-5-6.

No. 7. Lindström, M.: The migration behaviour of the amphipod Pontoporeia affinis Lindström. 1992. 18 s. ISBN 951-95341-6-4.

No. 8. Leskinen, E.: Ecology of attached microalgal communities on the SW coast of Finland, the Baltic Sea. 1993. 14 s. ISBN 951-95341-7-2.

No. 9. Lignell, R.: Carbon flow supplied by algae and bacteria in the planktonic food web off the SW coast of Finland. 1993. 55 s. ISBN 951-95341-8-0.

No. 10. Kuuppo, P.: Heterotrophic nanoflagellates in the microbial food web of the SW coast of Finland, the Baltic Sea. Grazing on planktonic bacteria. 1994. 20 s. ISBN 951-95341-9-9.

No. 11. Kivi, K.: On the ecology of planktonic microprotozoans in the Gulf of Finland, northern Baltic Sea. 1996. 36 s. ISBN 951-97529-0-0.

No. 12. Kiirikki, M.: Dynamics of macroalgal vegetation in the northern Baltic Sea - evaluating the effects of weather and eutrophication. 1996. 15 s. ISBN 951-97529-1-9.

No. 13. Uitto, A.: The role of metazooplankton grazing in the pelagial food web of the northern Baltic Sea. 1997. 41 s. ISBN 951-97529-2-7.

No. 14. Ikävalko, J.: Studies of nanoflagellate communities in the sea ice of the Baltic and the Greenland Sea. 1997. 24 s. ISBN 951-97529-3-5.

No. 15. Tuomi, P.: Bacterial and viral dynamics in microbial food webs of planktonic ecosystems. 1998. 35 s. ISBN 951-97529-4-3.

No. 16. Koski, M.: Feeding and production of common planktonic copepods: the effect of food and temperature. 1999. 34 s. ISBN 951-97529-5-1.

No. 17. Karjalainen, M.: The effect of nutrient loading on the development of the state of the Baltic Sea - an overview. 1999. 35 s. ISBN 951-97529-6-X.

No. 18. Flinkman, J.: Interactions between plankton and planktivores of the northern Baltic Sea: selective predation and predation avoidance. 1999. 24 s. ISBN 951-97529-7-8.

No. 19. Autio, R.: Studies on bacterioplankton in the Baltic Sea with special emphasis on the regulation of growth. 2000. 34 s. ISBN 951-97529-8-6.

No. 20. Blomster, J.: Molecular and morphological approaches to the evolutionary history of the Enteromorpha-Ulva species complex. 2000. 24 s. ISBN 951-97529-9-4.

No. 21. Ruuskanen, A.: Ecological responses of Fucus vesiculosus L. along environmental gradients in the northern Baltic Sea. 2000. 20 s. ISBN 951-98521-0-7.

No. 22. Kremp, A.: The role of life cycle in the population dynamics of the bloom forming dinoflagellates Scrippsiella hangoei and Peridiniella catenata in the Baltic Sea. 2000. 31 s. ISBN 951-98521-1-5

No. 23. Viherluoto, M.: Food selection and feeding behaviour of Baltic Sea mysid shrimps. 2001. 35 s. ISBN 951-98521-2-3; ISBN 951-45-9828-8 PDF

No. 24. Engström-Öst, J.: Effects of cyanobacteria on plankton and planktivores. 2002. 29 pp. ISBN 951-98521-4-X; ISBN 952-10-0267-0 PDF

No. 25. Setälä, O.: Studies on planktonic brackish water microprotozoans with special emphasis on the role of ciliates as grazers. 2004. 48 pp. ISBN 951-98521-5-8; ISBN 952-10-2188-8 (PDF)

No. 26. Munsterhjelm, R.: Natural succession and human-induced changes in the soft-bottom macrovegetation of shallow brackish bays on the southern coast of Finland. 2005. 53 pp. ISBN 951-98521-6-6; ISBN 952-10-2363-5 (PDF)

No. 27. Kaartokallio, H.: Sea-ice ecology in the Baltic Sea with special emphasis on bacteria. 2005. 41 pp. ISBN 951-98521-8-2 (paperback); ISBN 952-10-2796-7 (PDF)

No. 28. Audzijonyte, A.: Diversity and zoogeography of continental mysid crustaceans. 2006. 46 pp. ISBN 951-98521-9-0 (paperback), ISBN 952-10-2871-8 (PDF)

No. 29. Katajisto, T.: Benthic resting eggs in the life cycles of calanoid copepods in the northern Baltic Sea. 2006. 46 pp. ISBN 952-99673-0-6 (paperback), ISBN 952-10-2933-1 (PDF)

No. 30. Lindén, E.: Antipredator behaviour of Baltic planktivores. 2006. 58 pp. ISBN 952-99673-1-4 (paperback), ISBN 952-10-3210-3 (PDF)

No. 31. Spilling, K.: On the ecology of cold-water phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea. 2007. 59 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-2-2 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-3626-2 (PDF)

No. 32. Nikula, R.: Phylogeography and hybrid swarms: history of brackish water bivalve diversity in North European marginal seas. 2008. 35 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-3-9 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-4471-7 (PDF)

No. 33. Kostamo, K.: The life cycle and genetic structure of the red alga Furcellaria lumbricalis on a salinity gradient. 2008. 34 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-4-6 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-44772-4 (PDF)

No. 34. Rintala, J.-M.: A systematic-ecological approach to Baltic Sea ice studies of algae and protists. 2009. 48 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-5-3 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-5630-7 (PDF)

No. 35. Sopanen, S.: Interactions between harmful algae and calanoid copepods in the Baltic Sea. 2009. 57 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-6-0 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-5867-7 (PDF)

No. 36. Piiparinen, J.: Fast- and drift-ice communities in the Bothnian Bay and the impact of UVA radiation on the Baltic Sea ice ecology. 2011. 57 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-7-7 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-7043-3 (PDF)

No. 37. Hoikkala, L.: Dynamics of dissolved organic matter and its bioavailability to heterotrophic bacteria in the Gulf of Finland, northern Baltic Sea. 2012. 62 pp. ISBN 978-952-99673-8-4 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-99673-9-1 (PDF)

No. 38. Salonen, M.: The effect of turbidity on the ecology of pike larvae. 2012. 38 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-0-3 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-67851-1-0 (PDF).

No. 39. Hällfors, H.: Studies on dinoflagellates in the northern Baltic Sea. 2013. 71 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-2-7 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-10-8628-1 (PDF).

No. 40. Majaneva, M.: Linking taxonomy and environmental 18S-rRNA-gene sequencing of Baltic Sea protists. 2013. 49 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-3-4 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-67851-4-1 (PDF)

No. 41. Majaneva, S.: Understanding the biodiversity and ecological importance of Ctenophores – Lessons from Arctic and Baltic Mertensia ovum. 2014. 74 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-5-8 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-67851-6-5 (PDF,

No. 42 Eronen-Rasimus, E.: Ice formation, growth and associated substrate supply determine sea-ice bacterial community dynamics. 2015. 37 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-7-2 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-67851-8-9 (PDF,

No. 43 Müller, S.: Dissolved organic matter in sea ice; from biogeochemical processes during ice formation to bio-optical modelling. 2015. 43 pp. ISBN 978-952-67851-9-6 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-68391-0-3 (PDF,

No. 44 Luhtanen, A.-M.: Virus-host systems in sea ice. 2017. 47 pp. ISBN 978-951-51-3039-6 (paperback), ISBN 978-951-51-3040-2 (PDF,

No. 45 Enberg, S.: Natural succession of microalgal communities during the cold-water season and the impact of increased solar irradiance on sea ice algae. 2017. 50 pp. ISBN 978-951-51-3659-6 (paperback), ISBN 978-951-51-3660-2 (PDF,

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